Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wreck-it Sonia!

Today was a productive day compared to most Saturdays.  I was able to finally clear up the obscene mess of wires behind my PC. I think everyone has to do this at some point in time or another.

My greatest achievement today was removing the LCD screen of my sister's old Dell INSPIRON 1525. 
A long time ago, my then 7 year old brother kicked my sister's Dell and damaged the hinges a little bit. It never opened and shut quite the same way every again.  As time moved forward, the hinges became progressively worse and there came a point when my sister had to use a stack of text books to help keep her screen propped up. This was 3 years ago. 

My sister bought a new laptop, HP something something.  She even won another; talk about good fortune. It's been a year since she bought the HP. I decided it was time to make use of her old laptop, the poor old Dell. I replaced Windows (I think it was vista) with JoliOS, with her permission of course. (She would kill me if I had done anything without her permission.) Here comes the exciting part: I took apart her LCD screen and we are now using her old Dell in place of our old desktop PC.

Some cool pictures are posted below.  I unscrewed the power button panel,  the keyboard,  the hinges and pretty much everything else. We cannot connect to the Internet wirelessly now since I had to remove the antennae. There is no webcam anymore. These were minor issues that were fixed in no time with an external webcam and an ethernet cable. 

Of course I put the entire thing back together again (minus the LCD screen) and it works just fine! Connected the laptop to an external monitor and we're now using it in place of our even older desktop computer.  Connected it to the printer, the mouse and the speakers, and my little brother who kicked the thing years ago now uses it like a pro! 

All broken things can be fixed. 

The question now is: What should I do with the LCD Screen?