Sunday, 6 April 2014

Allen Walker and other characters

One of the best weekends I've had till date was last weekend. You may ask why; the answer is the 3rd Middle East Film and Comic-Con. This three day event, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, was a magical and fantastical realm of its own filled with wizards, zombies, vampires, heroes, villians, anime characters and let's not forget, humans.

Some snapshots from the event:
Kurosaki_Ildaa | Allen Walker | Black Spiderman

I cosplayed Allen Walker, the main protagonist from D. Gray Man. Allen is an exorcist, belonging to the Black Order, who is in search of his mentor Cross Marian. On his journey, he, his friends (Lavi, Leenalee, Kanda) and his trusty golem (Timcampy) meet a variety of different characters; monsters, demons and humans.
Timcampy (the golem that looks a lot like a snitch from Harry Potter) was the only part of the costume that I was not able to re-create. Alas, poor Allen was forced to navigate the world of comic-con without Timcampy.

Look at my little brother clowning around with Deadpool and my sister got to meet Akatsuki Sasori.
The tickets for comic-con cost AED 85 for a one-day ticket. My siblings and I went on Friday.
Just for future reference, going on a Saturday might be better. The reason is that it is less crowded compared to a Friday and since it's closing up day, many people give away free stuff!

Okay, now I have to start planning my next costume for next year. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments. 

I shall now leave you with a very cool picture with two very awesome people!